Hello! I’m Ray Vincent. I’m a Christian minister. I retired from full time ministry in 2001, but I’m still an active member of a church. I preach in other local churches, and I am a University Chaplain.

I have set up this website to share my passions.

First, I am passionate about the Christian faith. My faith is not of the traditional kind. It is a questioning, journeying faith. It can be summed up not as ALPHA (All Life’s Problems Have Answers) but as OMEGA (Open Minded Exploration Generates Amazement)!

Within my Christian faith, I’m passionate about social justice. I believe Christianity is not primarily about going to heaven when we die – it’s about changing the world now.

Along with this, I’m passionate about the Bible. It really is my favourite book. I believe that once we give up the false reverence we tend to bring to it and start just seeing it as the marvellous, varied collection of writings it is, it comes to life and speaks to our own times in a remarkable way.

The other passion that has shaped my life is that I am gay. Unlike my other passions, this was something I kept to myself for a long time. My journey to openness has been a long one, and I want to share it with those who still suffer rejection or live in fear.

These are my passions, and I have other interests too that I will no doubt mention now and then. So, whatever your interests, I hope you will find something on this website to enjoy and to argue about.